Sunday, July 18, 2010

Request for Review (to be sent within 10 days) EN template


Subject: General Competition EPSO/AD/177/10-EPA – Administrators (AD5), candidate number, ‘Request for review’ – Admission tests, decision not to invite the candidate to the assessment centre session

Candidate Number: XXXXXX

Dear Madam, Sir,

Via email in my EPSO file you have informed me that I will not be admitted to the assessment centre session of the General Competition EPSO/AD/1XX/10-EPA due to an insufficient score obtained in the admission tests. In fact, according to the information provided in my EPSO profile I have answered (xx) out of 40 questions correctly, while the minimum score for being invited to the assessment centre session has been established at XX out of 40.

In accordance with the rules laid down in the competition notice and in the guide for open competitions for candidates, while reserving the right to take further administrative and/or legal action, I request a re-examination of my admission tests on the following ground:

I fear that errors (mistakes in fact) may have occurred during the correction of the admission tests a) verbal reasoning, b) numerical reasoning, and c) abstract reasoning.

Moreover, and in order to establish whether material errors have occurred during the correction of my admission tests, I also request access to my file (namely access to the wording of the questions and answers). This in order to compare my answers to the ones indicated as correct in my EPSO account.

To this end, I request you to provide me with an opportunity to access my file (namely, a time and place for having access to my file and the name of a responsible contact person).

The possibility for a candidate to access his or her own admission tests is moreover implicitly recognised in the tasks of the interinstitutional advisory committee, assisting EPSO, as it in particular has the task to examine any comments by candidates on specific questions. Comments on specific questions may however only be formulated by candidates after having had the opportunity to access their own admission tests (as it is not humanly possible to recall the exact wording of the questions and corresponding answers after having completed these tests several weeks ago and under high time pressure).

Further to the facts stated above, I would like to add that, in accordance with the ruling of the EU Civil Service Tribunal (arrêt du 15 juin 2010 Pachtitis/Commission, aff. F-35/08I) I am considering an appeal against EPSO. The court ruled that EPSO is not the competent body to overlook the preselection tests.

Another reason to challenge the Computer-based selection test and its results is the fact that the candidats do not sit the same test. No candidate should be excluded from access to the assessment center on the basis of comparison to another candidate who actually did not sit the same test with the same set of questions. I claim that the level of questions was not equal for candidates in the “same” preselection tests for AD level. Therefore, I am asking EPSO for transparency on the questions and reserve the right to appeal.

I trust that the reasons stated above are sufficient for reviewing my admission tests and granting me access to these same tests - the questions and the answers.

Yours faithfully,

Date _________ Signature _____________________
Candidate Number XXXXX


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